he system can be used as a tool to identify investment opportunities in managing a self-directed (DIY) investment portfolio
he system can be used as a tool to identify investment opportunities for
self-directed (DIY) investors


Aurora is powered by information and analyses of theScreener Switzerland, a worldwide leader for 15 years in the field of independent data, research and analysis of securities. theScreener provides information and analysis twice a week for about 6,000 shares and 15,000 investment funds, and produces 25,000 reports for a month that reach about 10 million end users.

Aurora introduces a simple and clear matrix that makes it easier to analyze the data, compare it and make decisions. Data and analyses that are updated twice a week. Identifying investment ideas in a structure way. There is no need to have prior knowledge of a particular stock. Ability to analyses investment portfolio and receive structured reports. Independent data analysis. 

It is certainly an advantage to have knowledge and understanding of the capital market. However, the system focuses on a number of parameters that can be understood within a short period of time. Also, since the system is not used to trade and perform actual investments, it enables to learn and experience the global capital market prior to making investment decisions.

The system only covers securities that have quality information on international standards. At this point, these are the shares whose problems meet the required criteria in order to be included in the service. As possible, we act to add additional shares traded on the TASE.

The system is marketed at a price per capita and independently of usage frequency and of other financial institutions. DIY investing gives you the freedom to choose broker and bank account and reduce commissions and management fees.

SDIS Global AG, the system owner, is not monitored by any regulator. The service provided by the system is based solely on research and analysis and should not be considered to be consulted or recommended for purchase or sale of securities.

Aurora provides information and analysis regarding stocks and investment funds regarding more than 40 markets and analyzing investment portfolios, which enable control of the investment portfolio.

You can email at the website at the site and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

At this point, the system is not automatically linked to one or another broker. Therefore, the actual purchase can be performed using your bank or broker.

The system provides financial information and data to help you identify investment ideas. However, we do not advise you or guide you about this, or what products to purchase or sell – these decisions are yours only.SDIS and the system are not subject to the series, and SDIS does not hold a license for investment consultancy, investment marketing or investment portfolio management under any law. The content provided on the system is independent and not based or tailored to your personal circumstances, To your needs or for your purposes, and should not be relied on as an estimate of profitability or the suitability of an investment in a particular stock for any purpose. Past performance is not a guarantee of present or future performance. Investments may lose its full value.