A world leading Swiss system for Data & Research of stocks, funds and portfolio diagnostic in the global capital market

Empower your investment ideas, do it yourself

Aurora lights the world of investments for you

Aurora is an independent Data & Research system for identifying, analyzing, and evaluating securities that provides investment ideas and analyzes investment portfolios, thereby enabling control of the investment portfolio.

:Aurora is not

    A stock screener    

Analysts / data aggregator    

    Trading & account management                 system   

:Aurora provides

Data & Research of stocks , funds and portfolio diagnostic 

Based on independent analysis by theScreener, a world leader in the field for more than 15 years

Global coverage of 40 markets, 100  Industries, 6,000  stocks, 15,000 funds and 1,000  (ETFs)                  

Updated twice a week

Aurora Advantages

Markets and securities that you not are not familiar with

Consistent and transparent methodology and reporting

Multi language

Do it yourself – save costs

Friendly and easy to use

Aurora is based on the information and analyses of theScreener from Switzerland

The world of investments is open to you without territorial boundaries

Enables investment portfolio analysis before making an investment decision

Option to identify investments that matche your profile and goals

up to Date – the system is updated twice a week


!Game rules change-do it yourself

Aurora is the new way for making investment decisions in the global capital market

Investment Portfolio Diagnostics

Conduct simulation analysis of investment portfolio

Set an investment portfolio

Select and compare stocks and funds, add to watch lists

Identifying Investment Ideas

Explore markets, industry, stocks and funds

!Enjoy all the benefits in one system

The new way to make investment decisions in the global capital market

Aurora is an advanced system that gives you all the tools to analyze, challenge and empower your investment decisions, while performing your own in-depth analysis of the quality of securities.

The system provides financial information and data to help you identify investment ideas. However, we do not advise you or guide you about this, or what products to purchase or sell – these decisions are yours only.SDIS and the system are not subject to the series, and SDIS does not hold a license for investment consultancy, investment marketing or investment portfolio management under any law. The content provided on the system is independent and not based or tailored to your personal circumstances, To your needs or for your purposes, and should not be relied on as an estimate of profitability or the suitability of an investment in a particular stock for any purpose. Past performance is not a guarantee of present or future performance. Investments may lose its full value.